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Meet the Team

David Fam

Senior Accountant

David Fam

David is a Senior Accountant and has been working in the business services and SMSF industry for 9 years. He is an accredited Chartered Accountant and SMSF Specialist Advisor.

He loves to help business and family groups, by providing exceptional services and building a trusting relationship with them.

He is passionate and a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and the crypto industry. He believes this revolutionary technology has the potential to change our whole monetary and financial system; in essence he thinks there is an ongoing paradigm shift. He is happy to sit down and have a chat about the deep and wide-ranging topics stemming from this area for hours on end.

In his spare time, he listens to crypto podcasts, reads up on basic economic or science theories, is learning to code, loves catching up with his social group and is a big foodie.