Business Advisory

Business Advisory Services to help you get ahead in your business.

One of the most difficult things facing all business owners is knowing who to trust for objective advice about your business or business idea.

Empire Accountants offers a Business Advisory Service designed to assist both start-ups and established businesses.

We spend time with you. The Empire initially provides a complimentary consultation for you where we discuss where your business is at and where you want it to be. From there, we will prepare a solution for you.

The solution is designed according to the size and demands of your business.

It may include the following services:

Performance, Accountability and Reporting

  • An independent viewpoint on your business results and guidance on how it is performing
  • Workshops and brainstorming sessions on areas for improvement
  • Financial analysis of profitability, margins, benchmarking and other yardsticks
  • Quarterly meetings for business strategic advice
  • Quarterly financial and performance reviews
  • Goal setting and project implementation strategies

Cash flows and budgeting

  • Guidance to rectify short term cash flow problems and suggestions for improvement of debtor and creditor management
  • Preparation of cash flow forecast for a future period
  • Detailed analysis of where the money goes
  • Scheduling of key obligation dates with plans to meet payments
  • Understanding key drivers, costs and overheads of the business for better outcomes

Tax Planning

  • Work with you to estimate your future tax position to ensure you are keeping necessary monies aside
  • Recommend ways to minimise your tax obligations legally


  • Determine the correct business structure (Company, Trust, Sole Trader or Partnership) for your business
  • Restructure your business to minimise risk and protect personal assets

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