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Want clarity around your numbers? Direction for the future of your business? Assistance with identifying opportunities?

Start by working with a business advisor you can trust at Empire Accountants. Our accountants have been working with small business owners in Brisbane, and across Australia since 2015. Our aim is to help you better understand your numbers and create strategies for growth, while remaining compliant with your taxation obligations.

There’s a common misconception that your accountant can only process your tax returns, activity statements or other ATO obligations. However, where we provide the most value for your business is through our business advisory services.

We are all over your numbers, and can easily identify your profit margins, cost of sales, key performance indicators and more just by working with your accounting software.

Business Advisory Services

Looking to improve your business but not sure where to start?

Share with us your biggest challenge in business and one of our advisors will give you a call directly to discuss.

Business Advisory Services

Being equipped with this knowledge allows us to analyse problems, risks, or opportunities within your business, with the aim of providing valuable advice and strategic direction.

Planning and Strategy Sessions

We recommend starting with our planning and strategy session. A valuable 1 on 1 session with one of our business advisors to help you gain clarity around your numbers and goals. You will walk away with an understanding on what your business needs to achieve the outcomes you desire. From this session we can continue to support you with our ongoing accountability meetings.

Performance, Accountability and Reporting

Empire has a range of performance, accountability and reporting services tailored to all stages of your business. These services are designed to provide you with an independent viewpoint on your business results and guidance on how to improve performance. Sessions include:

  • Quarterly Accountability Meetings
  • Hour of Power Monthly Advisory Sessions
  • Monthly/Quarterly Management Reporting
  • Board Meetings and more

Cashflow Forecasting and Budgeting

Understanding the numbers in your business, by getting clear on what money belongs where and when, will give you a massive advantage in scaling, making decisions and running a profitable operation with positive cashflow.

Our cashflow forecasting and budgeting services will give you clarity around your business direction and allow you to plan for your growth.

Tax Planning & Strategy Session

Tax planning is all about looking at your taxable income for the current financial year, getting an estimate of your tax payable and then implementing strategies to decrease the tax payable before 30 June.

It gives peace of mind to know what to expect with your tax return, and presents opportunities to minimise your tax that you might not have considered yet. Learn more about our tax strategy sessions here.


Starting your business with the most effective structure in place for your personal circumstances is the cornerstone for your business success. Establishing your structure through an accountant means you receive:

  • Advice relating to your individual needs
  • Advice on tax minimisation & asset protection
  • Advice on taxation obligations for your structure
  • Essential business strategies


If you already have an established business and are considering restructuring for asset protection, limited liability, tax effectiveness or succession planning, our advisors can help. Learn more here.

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