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Taxation Services

We are tax accountants specialising in business and personal taxation services in Brisbane.

Looking for strategies to minimise tax and grow your business? How about proactive communication and advice?

When you think of your accountant, you think Tax, BAS, Super and ATO compliance. While these services make up the foundation of our business offerings, they are not why we do what we do.

We are here to proactively take care of your taxation requirements, offer advice and business support. We will help you grow your business profitability, while remaining compliant with ATO and government regulations.

Empire Taxation Services

Providing the full range of taxation and business compliance services. See below for the comprehensive list.

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Taxation Services

Being equipped with this knowledge allows us to analyse problems, risks, or opportunities within your business, with the aim of providing valuable advice and strategic direction.

Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Business Activity Statements

Monthly Installment Activity Statements

Year-end Financial Statement for companies, trusts, partnership and sole traders

Lodgement of Income Tax Returns for companies, trusts, partnerships and sole traders

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) calculations and returns

Capital gains tax (CGT) calculations and advice

Small business concessions calculations and advice

Specialist tax advice for unique or one-off tax issue

Could your accountant be doing more for your business

We think so.

As your accountant, we know your numbers. We look at them every quarter when preparing your BAS or more regularly if you utilise our accountability or bookkeeping services.

Knowing your numbers allows us to provide advice on the key drivers for your business, such as your breakeven point, profitability margins and job costing.

We also help take the guessing out of cash-flow management and keep you informed of what is due and when.

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