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Mums in business

Let us take care of your numbers, so you can focus on what's most important.

How can Empire Accountants
support you as a mum in business?

Running a business and being a mum is a fulfilling and rewarding experience yet it doesn't come without it's host of challenges.  As all of our services are tailored specifically to your needs, the way you work and the level of service you require, we can truly customise an experience to suit you.

Our experience comes from supporting mums & families in business over many years but, also as our business has grown, so have our families. Since 2022, we have welcomed our own children into the Empire family and we are experiencing first hand the reality of running a business alongside the joy of parenthood. 

We fully understand the juggle and will work closely with you to ensure you are equipped with the information and resources you need to have a profitable and successful business. 

How Running a Small Business Prepared Me for Motherhood

Running a small business and motherhood may seem worlds apart but as I’ve spent the last 18 months adapting to the role of mum and I've realised the surprising similarities between these two roles. Both require unwavering dedication, resilience, and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities. In this blog, I'll share the invaluable lessons I've learned from running a small business that has uniquely prepared me for the journey of motherhood.

Are you a mum in business?

Running a business while being a mother is a unique journey filled with challenges and triumphs. It requires a delicate balance between nurturing your family and nurturing your business. Having an accountant who understands this balance of being a mum in business can be a game-changer. In this blog post, we'll explore why it's essential for your accountant to comprehend the experiences of motherhood in business and discuss the ways they can provide valuable support.

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