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How Running a Small Business Prepared Me for Motherhood

Posted 21 Mar

Running a small business and motherhood may seem worlds apart but as I’ve spent the last year learning the role of mum and I've realised the surprising similarities between these two roles. Both require unwavering dedication, resilience, and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities. In this blog, I'll share the invaluable lessons I've learned from running a small business that has uniquely prepared me for the journey of motherhood.

 1. Time Management: A Precious Skill

One of the most significant lessons I've learned from running a small business is the art of effective time management. Just as I schedule meetings, tasks, and deadlines for my business, I've applied the same principles to my role as a mother. In both areas, time is a precious commodity, and mastering the skill of prioritisation and allocation has made me a more efficient and present mum.

Whether meeting deadlines or ensuring quality time with my son, creating a schedule and sticking to it has become my most important tool in my tool kit. Calendars, to-do lists, and time-blocking techniques have harmonised my business and motherhood responsibilities.

 2. Adaptability and Flexibility: A Way of Life

Running a small business often involves navigating unpredictable challenges, much like the unpredictability of parenthood. Adaptability and flexibility have proven indispensable in both roles, from handling sudden client requests to managing a child's unexpected illness.

Being a business owner has taught me to roll with the punches, maintain composure in stressful situations, and innovate creative solutions to problems. Over the years, these skills strengthened my small business abilities and shaped me into a more patient and resourceful parent.

 3. Resilience: Bouncing Back Stronger

Setbacks are an inherent part of life. As a business owner, I've encountered financial setbacks, client disappointments, staffing issues and situations you couldn’t ever see coming. These experiences have taught me the paramount value of resilience—bouncing back stronger after facing adversity.

As a mum, I've encountered moments of frustration and self-doubt. The biggest setback of all was the four-year journey to fall pregnant in the first place. However, the art of resilience has empowered me to persevere through the challenges of motherhood. I've learned to view setbacks as opportunities for growth and personal development. There is always a silver lining and once you find it, it will generally bring peace and gratitude.

 4. Building and Nurturing Relationships: A Bridge to Success

Networking and building relationships with clients, suppliers, and collaborators are so important to having a successful business. Similarly, establishing and nurturing relationships with family, friends, and other parents form an invaluable support system in motherhood.

I've discovered that the communication and interpersonal skills I've been working on over the last 20 years in my career have helped me connect with other parents, share experiences, and offer and receive support. Constructing a community of like-minded individuals has enriched both my business and motherhood journeys, making them more fulfilling and connected.

5. Setting Goals and Celebrating Achievements: Motivation and Progress

Setting clear goals and celebrating achievements is fundamental to running a small business. Similarly, as a mum, I've realised the importance of setting parenting goals and recognising the small wins along the way.

Applying goal-setting techniques from my business life to my role as a mother has allowed me to track my progress and sustain motivation. Whether achieving a sales target in my business or celebrating a child's milestones, acknowledging accomplishments is what it is all about for me.

In Summary

I have no doubts that running a small business has prepared me for the journey of motherhood. While these roles may appear dissimilar, the skills and lessons from one have distinctly equipped me for the other. Proficient time management, adaptability, resilience, relationship-building, and goal setting are all essential aspects of both worlds.

So, whether you're a mum contemplating running a business or a business owner considering parenthood, remember that the invaluable insights from one role can magnificently prepare you for the other. These experiences make you a more well-rounded and capable individual, ultimately enriching your life as a successful businessperson and a nurturing parent. 

Prepared by
Beth Gozzard CA
Managing Partner
Empire Accountants

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