Small Business Solutions with Empire Accountants

Does your business have a plan?
Do you regularly monitor your cashflow and growth?
Do you achieve more when kept accountable?

Planning, cash-flow management, growth strategies and accountability are crucial keys to growing your small business.

When you follow a plan and consistently monitor the performance of your business, you are far more likely to hit targets and identify opportunities.

Your accountant has all the tools necessary to provide guidance, strategies and meaningful advice by analysing your numbers and helping you understand how to use them effectively.

How can your business afford these services?

Empire Accountants’ Small Business Solutions

Our packages were developed to assist small business owners get more from their accountants than taxation compliance.

Each package is tailored to your specific needs and paid as a monthly fee over the financial year to assist with your cash-flow management.

Small Business Solutions Benefits

  • A fixed fee cost for your accounting services over the financial year
  • Cashflow support with monthly repayments instead of billing on a job basis
  • Accountability for the services you receive
  • Structure, planned and proactive accounting ensuring you are always up to date with your obligations
  • Access to your business advisor for quarterly meetings, tax planning and more
  • Opportunity to grow your business with support and advice

Basic Solution

Monthly Instalment Activity Statement preparation and lodgement.


Quarterly Business Activity Statement preparation and lodgement.


Annual Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for your business and associated individuals.


ASIC Administration and Management.


Audit Insurance Cover for your business and any associated entities and individuals.


Year-end review and meeting.

Support Solution

All the features of our Basic Solutions + PLUS


Quarterly Accountability Meetings to review performance and set goals for your business.


Tax plan review and meeting prior to the end of the financial year.


Annual ATO benchmark analysis for your industry.


Annual “Business Wisdom” review and meeting.

Complete Solution

All the features of our Basic and Support Solutions + PLUS


Monthly bookkeeping service using Xero.


Annual budget development.


KPI and goal development customised to your business.

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