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Laura Stauder


Laura Stauder

Laura has been part of the team at Empire Accountants since 2016. Prior to that she worked as a Social Media Manager in Germany. In 2020 Laura became a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication and Economics and a Master of Professional Accounting. Outside of her role with Empire Accountants she is the chair of the Queensland Young Professionals of CPA Australia.

On the weekends you can find Laura cycling around Brisbane, walking, and listening to podcasts or enjoying a delicious donut.

Laura believes that accountants are like personal trainers, but for small businesses. We are there to support you, educate you and hold you accountable to your ambitions.

She believes a big part of her role is to translate the accounting and business jargon into common language so no matter what your background is you can understand what is going on in your business.

Laura enjoys being an integral part of your business and following its growth from the initial structure set up chat all the way to hiring the first employee and beyond.