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Build a Winning Team in Business

Posted 24 Sep '15

Last week The Empire Team completed the Tough Mudder course in Brisbane.

Bruised and battered after running through 20km of mud obstacles, climbing over 2 story walls, diving under icy water and dodging electrified cables, we can say we all made it!

Like any tough physical and mental challenge, it wasn’t easy and it’s safe to say that without the team work we would not have made it through in one piece.

But that is the great thing about Tough Mudder. It’s not about getting to the end first and competing, it’s about going in as a team, helping each other out, helping other teams out and making it to the finish line together.

What defines a winning team is a group of individuals all using their unique skill sets to work together and achieve a common goal.

In business, building a winning team is essential. Having a group of people adding their unique abilities to assist each other in crossing the finish line has a great deal of benefits. It allows you to get there quicker, gives the journey a hell of a lot more laughs and makes it so much sweeter to share these moments together.

Building your team and network (the other teams helping lift you over the next hurdle) needs great consideration and effort to ensure you have the right guys backing you along the way.

Now, the Empire Accountants aren’t HR experts, but we love our team and know how to pick‘em! For us, our top 3 tips to building a winning team are as follows.


  1. Know what you are trying to achieve first.

Every single decision you make in business all comes back to what you are trying to achieve. If you know where you want your business to be, then you will know who you need with you to help make that happen.

  1. Know why you need the team member.

Decipher what the role entails before bringing a new member on board to ensure that you know the basic skill set they will need, what they can be trained in etc.

  1. Know how your team member will fit in.

Most importantly, when bringing in a new team member they need to be the best fit for you. Knowing your values, the environment you want to work in and the morals your business embodies will help you attract like-minded people. They don’t have to be the most skilled in the role, they just need to be the best fit.

If you’re ultimate goal is to have your own Empire, then it is inevitable you will need to surround yourself with a great team. This is inherently important to us and we know we are quite lucky as not only to do we have our Empire Team, we also play a part in our clients teams in those moment when they need a hand over that next hurdle!

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