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Goals, Planning & Numbers in Business 2018

Posted 31 Jan '18

Why do we set business goals?

It feels like we’re always carrying on about setting goals, planning and knowing your numbers as the key drivers in your business… and while this at times might sound like a broken record, there is a method to the madness as to why we loveeee talking about it.

It’s simple really… because it works if you want to grow your business.

Like every business coach ever said, you can’t get in your car and expect to arrive at a destination if you don’t know where you’re going… Just like you can’t direct your business to the desired destination if you don’t know where that is.

Not convinced? Check out what happens when you don’t set goals, don’t plan or know your numbers in business:

  • You don’t know where you want your business to be
  • You don’t know how to improve
  • You don’t really know what you should be tracking or if it’s tracking well
  • You get stuck in the cycle of doing the same things daily without different results
  • You can’t motivate your team with a vision for the business
  • You work for the business, the business doesn’t work for you
  • You might even end up going backward…

Even if you love your job and it doesn’t matter to you whether it grows into a massive operation or stays as a one-person-band, if you don’t have goals, plans or track your numbers, it will never hit its full potential, whatever that looks like to you.

So let’s set some actionable goals for your business for 2018…

  • Get clear on your current numbers and what you want to achieve
  • Create a plan from your goals and set time frames
  • Get your team involved and a trusted advisor – accountability
  • Have weekly/fortnightly/monthly meetings depending on how often you need to be kept accountable!
  • Have a live document tracking your progress to keep you on route

Here’s a challenge to get you started! What are 3 things that you can put into action straight away to start achieving your goals? Begin today to kick-start your business growth in 2018.

What’s the worst that can happen… You don’t reach your goals? That’s fine, you can just reuse them for 2019 like everyone else with a gym membership has been doing for years… #Strategy

Seriously though, Need help? We are Brisbane Accountants dedicated to helping you grow your empire – Phone Us 07 3124 0244

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