1. What Services do you provide for Small Businesses?


Empire Accountants provides all your standard accounting needs; such as your End of Year Compliance, BAS, Bookkeeping, Individual Tax Returns, Business Advisory, Start-Up support, as well as Self Managed Super Funds, Not For Profit Accounting Services and Specialised Industry Accounting.


These services are what help your business run smoothly from year to year. What we really like to emphasise to our clients is that these services are a given. Every accounting firm can offer them. What makes Empire Accountants different is that our focus is on you, your personal requirements and your business. Our passion is ensuring we do our best to help you understand your business position, how you can get to the next level and ultimately reach your goals in whatever you are trying to achieve.


2. I want to start my own business. Can you help me?


Starting your own business can be a daunting time. Not knowing where to start, what you need in order to begin making money including your business structure, name registration, pricing point, the lot!


Empire Accountants can help you set up your business from an accounting point of view as well as offer support in other areas such as your competitive advantage, cash flow forecasting and more. If you are still in the idea phase take a look at our start up business checklist here. If you are ready to begin and would like to organise a meeting contact us today.


3. Where is Empire Accountants Located?


The short answer – Murarrie in Brisbane and Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.


The long answer – Empire Accountants opened in Murarrie on Brisbane’s Southside in 2015. After nearly two years, tripling our client base and getting great results for our Brisbane businesses, partners Beth & Luke decided to open up shop in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast businesses will still have access to work with partners Beth and Luke, as well as all the members of our team. Meet the team here!


4. Can Empire Accountants travel to my location?


Yes, we can. We have clients all over Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs and the Gold Coast. If you need us to come to you, give us a call today and we can organise an appointment that is mutually acceptable 07 3124 0244


5. Is your accounting office of the Gold Coast a walk-in office or do I need an appointment?


If you would like to meet with one of our accountants for your business or individual taxation needs we ask that you give us a call to make an appointment. This way we can best serve you and give you the most value for your time.


6. Can you help me transition from my current accountant to Empire Accountants?


Yes, we can.


When you have been with your accountant for a long time but aren’t seeing the results you desire, it may be time to switch it up and try something new, like Empire Accountants (hint hint).


If this time comes, we understand it may be hard to break up with your current accountant. Which is why we make it as easy as possible for you. We can contact your existing accountant’s office direct to make the switch, and bring all your information over. It’s as easy as that!


Want to book an appointment?


Brisbane contact 07 3124 0244


Gold Coast contact 07 5630 6585

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