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Empire Partner in Business Feature: Boost IT

Posted 18 Apr

Empire Partner in Business Feature: Boost IT

Empire Accountants are pleased to introduce Boost IT.  This business is really the unsung heroes of the Empire Team who keep the cogs ticking in the background for us every single day.  We have been working with Boost IT since 2022 and it has been a romantic love affair for all members of the team as they solve our IT issues in the most timely and efficient manner possible.  I am honestly so excited to sing the praises of Boost IT and why we love them so much!

In a nutshell, Boost IT makes IT uncomplicated through timely and clear communication from a team of experienced Australian technicians.  

Boost IT works with small businesses as an extension of their own team delivering an IT department on demand. Their tailored Managed IT Services are designed to enhance capability and cyber security, as well as drive innovation and efficiency. The flexible IT service delivery model adapts to the daily situation and the model that best fits each client's business.

Boost IT is run by Richard Cowley & Sha Nayagar, a family-owned Australian business, headquartered in Brisbane, with on-site service available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

We sat down with founder Richard to learn more about their business, services, and how it all came to be!

What is your ideal client profile?  Who can you help best?

The ideal client profile of Boost IT are businesses/organisations with 5 staff or more. Location doesn’t matter, they can be located anywhere in Australia but we find we can provide the most value and service to those businesses with at least that level of seats.

How and when did you get started?

We just celebrated turning 20 years! Boost IT started back in 2004 launched by myself and my partner Sha.  My friends call me Booster, so the name was an extension of this which has served us well for many reasons over the years.
The reason we launched this business back then (and still applies today) fundamentally comes down the desire to remove the complexities of outsourced IT services and solutions by bringing clarity to clients. We want to enable our clients with access to timely technical expertise and straightforward recommendations, which are delivered by a team selected for their empathy and integrity.

What makes you different to other IT Managed Service Providers on the market?

Our straightforward approach and transparency separate us from the rest. Other than providing efficient and reliable service consistently, a big difference in this modern tech environment is we find most managed service providers charge on a per user/device basis. We correlate pricing to workload. Boost IT offers fantastic value with prepaid plans that allow you to access Managed IT support and services with NO contract. You use the included hours to suit your business requirements. We provide a detailed report at the end of the month to know how your team is utilising these outsourced services within your business.

Launching a small business in today’s market can pose various challenges. Can you share one specific challenge and explain how you successfully navigated it?

The greatest challenge was initially building a reputation for our brand along with that a loyal client base. I started out by leaning on my existing network and providing the outstanding service and results to these clients, building referrals, and taking it from there. If I can give any advice to start-ups today, it would be to nurture your networks and focus on service level consistency with a team that shares your core values.

How would one of our clients get started with Boost IT?

Easy! To get started, we offer a complimentary discovery chat to learn about your business and see how we can boost your organisation’s capabilities. This can be booked via our website here.

We have found the best way though is to try us!  We have a low-cost introductory offer with peace of mind guarantee for all new clients. Details are on our website here.

And that’s a wrap from Richard.  We have no hesitation in recommending this business for your IT needs.  Feel free to reach out to any member of Empire as each and every one of us would have a positive tale to tell.


How to Contact Boost IT

Website:  Boost IT
Instagram:  @itboosters
LinkedIn:  Boost IT

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