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Empire Partner in Business Feature: GRAF-X Design Suite

Posted 15 Feb

Empire Accountants are pleased to introduce GRAF-X Design Suite.

GRAF-X Design Suite is a graphic design agency based out of Brisbane servicing clients anywhere and everywhere.  Their clients vary widely, both in size (micro and small businesses through to large multinationals, you may have heard of Yamaha…?) and across a huge range of industries.  Recently, James and his team have been working with clients in fashion, fire safety, mining, entertainment, agriculture, law and of course Accounting.  Yes our secret is out, James is the one who makes Empire look so attractive!

We sat down with James to learn more about their business, services, and how it all came to be!

How and when did GRAF-X Design Suite get started?

My career in graphic design began after graduating from the Queensland College of Art in 1986.

After many years working in boutique studios, agencies and commercial environments I landed at GRAF-X in early 2002. GRAF-X was originally founded in 1984. In time I gained more responsibility, managing the studio and becoming art/creative director.

My personal stake in the business peaked in mid-2015 I purchased the assets and client list and rebranded as GRAF-X Design Suite.

Our mantra is Captivate. Stimulate. Motivate.

Creative designed to captivate, stimulate an emotional response and motivate our client’s customer base.

Tell us more about the services you offer to business.

The range is endless depending on the needs of the client.

Broadly speaking, our services are based on the provision of design, artwork and management graphic design services.  This includes (but not limited too) the supply of logos, Brand Building, Brand Management, Corporate Brochures, Business Leaflets and Cards, Catalogue Design, Corporate Clothing, Branded Merchandise, Posters and Banners, Point of Sale, Packaging and Label Design, Magazine Advertising, Newspaper Advertising, Online Advertising, Out of Home Advertising, Social Media Content, Trade Show and Exhibition, Vehicle Wraps and Signage, External Building Signage, Interior Commercial Signage, Project Management.

I told you the list was long!

What is your ideal client profile?

Our ideal client would be one that shares similar character and values to us, no matter the size of the organisation.

There must be a connection between our clients and what we produce for them. It’s important to me personally that they are proud and comfortable with their branding. Having pride and comfort in how their business is presented visually, generates added confidence and resolve.

The question begs, where have we landed when we ignite the business owner, with a fit only bespoke design can achieve, and couple it with the devout activity of their customer base?

We have arrived at that place that makes me feel proud and fulfilled.

Launching a small business in today’s market can pose various challenges. Can you share one specific challenge and explain how you successfully navigated it?

Starting a small business would be challenging in any environment. I began with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, but very little in the way of business management experience.

Initially it was a live and learn approach, identifying the non-creative industry professionals I could trust, and then learn what questions to ask – and learn what the questions are that I didn’t know to ask.

It’s not an easy road, but if you are resilient, get up every time you get knocked down, celebrate your wins, and believe in yourself, the sum of the experience will help you through.

Basically, bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like hell.

What should our readers do if they want to work with you?

I have come to realise potential clients quite often don’t understand exactly what we can offer and execute, so they don’t ask, and that is a missed opportunity.

I welcome a chat either over the phone or in person.  This is the quickest and sure fire way to allow both of us to see if we are a great fit to work together.

Contact GRAF-X Design Suite

Website:  Graf-X
Instagram:  @grafxdesignsuite
Facebook: Graf-x Design Suite

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