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2020, that’s a wrap!

Posted 14 Dec '20

As most small business owners run around frantically finishing off to-do lists, getting products out and completing the last jobs before Christmas, we would like to invite you to stop (just for a second), take a deep breath… and start a slow clap for yourself!

2020, you made it. What an achievement.

Thank you for your support this year, our clients, associates, and friends.

Thank you for your patience as we too navigated the everchanging business requirements caused by the pandemic.

Thank you for always reminding us that we are in this business to help your business. We love seeing our clients hit milestones, make changes, and get better year after year.

We hope you get the RNR you deserve this Christmas break. We will be taking some time off with family too.

Our office will be closed from Wednesday December 23rd, re-opening Monday 11th of January 2021.

When we return

When the reset button has been hit on this year and 2021 is in full swing, we would love to have you in, to chat about some new year business strategies that will help sustain and grow your business.

Is it time for you to get a business budget?

We think having a budget is critical to your business planning. It will help you

  • Predict how the business may perform if strategies, events, or plans are carried out
  • Assist you in decision making and identify opportunities
  • Keep you, your staff, and advisors accountable

In fact, we just stumbled across this short 2-minute video we made back in 2018 on why we think your business should operate using a budget.

While our voice-over and video editing skills might be average at best, where we really shine is developing the tools you need, to have the business you desire.

Have a brilliant Christmas break, let us know if you want to chat to your advisor about a budget, and we will see you in the New Year!

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P.S. There are some useful business resources on the Brisbane Council website at present, from new grants to business support and incentives. Check them out here.

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