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A Guide to Year-End Bookkeeping for Your Business During the Holiday Season

Posted 6 Dec '23

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, for many businesses, increased activity. As you prepare to wrap up the year and embark on a well-deserved break, it's crucial not to overlook the importance of year-end bookkeeping. This guide aims to help you navigate financial management and bookkeeping considerations during the festive period, ensuring a smooth transition into the new year!

1. Entertainment Expenses

As we navigate the realm of entertainment expenses throughout the year, the significance amplifies during the holiday season. This period becomes pivotal as we express gratitude to our dedicated staff or suppliers for their year-round commitment through celebratory events and thoughtful gifts.

The essence lies in comprehending the nuances of deductibility, pinpointing what falls outside these bounds, and staying mindful of potential Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) implications. Delve into our comprehensive guide, featuring a curated list of deductible Christmas gift ideas and invaluable insights in our blog post here.

2. Payroll

Ensuring punctual and precise compensation for your team during the holiday season is crucial. Take a moment to review and update employee details, especially considering recent changes such as salary adjustments or tax modifications.

Adopting a proactive strategy, such as scheduling payroll in advance and transparently communicating holiday bonuses to the team, not only ensures timely payments but also enables business management to enjoy a break without unexpected work interruptions.

3. Mandatory Shutdown Regulations

New rules were published via Fair Work in May this year for many awards regarding annual leave and Mandatory Shutdowns for businesses in Australia. The new rules highlighted that employees are required to take paid annual leave during a temporary shutdown, and employers must provide at least 28 days written notice to all impacted employees.

The requirement for employees to take annual leave must be reasonable, and if employees do not have enough paid annual leave to cover the whole period, an agreement should be considered, such as using accrued time off, annual leave in advance, or leave without pay. To learn more about these rules visit Fair Work Australia or talk to your HR representative.

4. Supplier & Creditor Payments

Reviewing your accounts payable and receivable as the year draws close is imperative for managing your cash flow over the holiday period. On-time payments to suppliers not only foster goodwill but also contribute to maintaining positive cash flow.

Consider communicating clear payment timelines, scheduling payments in advance, and collecting outstanding invoices before the break. By resolving any outstanding commitments businesses not only uphold financial responsibility but create a solid foundation to start the new year.


Effective year-end bookkeeping is a vital component of responsible business management. By dedicating time and attention to your financial records during the holiday season, you not only ensure compliance but also set the stage for a prosperous and organised new year. Embrace the balance and your business will be well-positioned for success in the coming months!

If you’re looking for a business bookkeeper to manage your financials in 2024, contact the Empire Team Today!

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