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Apps to Streamline Financial Management for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Posted 24 Jan

Effective record-keeping and governance are pivotal in the success of Not-for-Profit Organisations (NFPs) in Australia. ACNC estimates that there are approximately 60,000 charities and not-for-profit organisations that currently operate in Australia.  These are run by philanthropists and volunteers who dedicate their valuable time to ensuring these organisations are there to benefit the public at large.

This article will explore why a not for profit organisation will want to consider technology as an integral part of their organisation to help maintain good quality records.

We have identified the top reasons why an NFP or charity would want to invest in apps to help their organisation.

Accountability: NFPs are accountable to stakeholders, donors, beneficiaries, and regulatory bodies. Transparent financial transactions build trust and credibility. Having these apps in place create clear transparency requirements and allows for the checks and balances required for good governance.

Compliance: Compliance with regulations, such as those set by Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), is critical. Proper record-keeping aids in adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

Decision-making: Comprehensive records offer insights into an organisation's financial health and program effectiveness, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Risk Management: Efficient record-keeping helps identify and mitigate risks, detect financial irregularities, and ensure responsible resource utilisation.

Donor Confidence: Robust governance and record-keeping practices enhance credibility, instilling confidence in donors and funding agencies.

Operational Efficiency: Well-maintained records streamline administrative tasks, enabling effective allocation of resources toward the organisation's mission.

Continuity and Succession Planning: Records support smooth transitions during leadership changes or personnel departures, preserving institutional knowledge.

Managing finances for a charity and not-for-profit organisation can be complex. While Xero simplifies bookkeeping, integrating complementary add-on apps can enhance efficiency. Here are some essential apps recommended for our not-for-profit clients:

Dext: Simplifies expense management by capturing and categorizing receipts, invoices, and bills. Integration with Xero eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors.

Weel: A financial technology platform that streamlines expense management, allowing control over spending limits and real-time expense tracking.

Expensify: Seamlessly pairs with Xero to simplify expense report creation, offering real-time tracking and policy enforcement.

ApprovalMax: A workflow automation app useful for organisations with multiple stakeholders involved in financial approvals. Streamlines approval processes for invoices, purchase orders, and expenses.

Deputy: Efficiently manages a volunteer and paid workforce through staff scheduling, time tracking, and payroll processing. Integration with Xero ensures accurate compensation and up-to-date financial records.

GoCardless: Ideal for organisations collecting regular payments, automating payment collection and reconciliation through direct debit integration with Xero.

Incorporating these Xero add-on apps into your financial toolkit enhances efficiency, accuracy, and transparency for your not-for-profit organisation. You may not need all of these, simply implementing one solution could save you time, money or improve governance of your NFP.

 We recommend assessing your organisation's specific needs to choose apps aligning best with your goals and operational processes. If you need help with this, our friends over at Empire Bookkeeping would love to help have this chat with you. By leveraging Xero and these apps, you can focus more on your mission, minimising financial administration burdens and making a greater impact in your community.

 For assistance in streamlining any or all of the accounting and bookkeeping of your Not-For-Profit Organisation, contact the Empire team today.

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