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Empire Times Client Feature | Setting Up Shop Brisbane

Posted 11 Apr '18

Empire Accountants has had the pleasure of working with Karyn from Setting Up Shop, assisting with her compliance and taxation requirements.

Karyn specialises in shop fitout project management for small business owners in Brisbane, and with the new financial year approaching, it’s the perfect time to feature this great Brisbane business for people looking to set up shop!

We sat down with Karyn from Setting Up Shop for our client feature and this is what we learnt:

Q. Tell us about Setting Up Shop. What does it do?

A. Project management of retail fitouts, and offices too if required. This means, when small business owners want to open up a new shop or business location, I assist them with running the fitout project, so that they can keep focussed on their business. It’s like having the in-house resources that big companies do.

Q. How and when did Setting Up Shop start?

A. I had been thinking about it for a while and set up the company in May 2017, but didn’t actually start trading until September 2017, when I couldn’t stand being an employee anymore and could see there was a real need for my services. It started as a just website, and over the first 4 months I spent time developing my offer before making the leap.

Q. What makes your business different to shop fitters in the area? Why do your clients use your services?

A. I think my clients use me because I’m not a ‘paper-shuffler’ as many Project Managers are these days, meaning I am hands-on with my involvement in the process and I manage every detail of the fitout. I also genuinely care about what my clients want for their business. I am different because many Project Management consultancies these days are profit centres for very large companies, and they cannot provide their services at Small Business Owner prices.

Q. Starting a small business can be challenging in today’s market. What is one thing you feel was a challenge for you and how did you overcome that?

A. Frankly, having the guts to actually do it! Markets are so competitive these days, it seemed impossible to me that I would have any cut through. Having a client already lined up for a 6 month contract helped a lot – it gave me time to find my feet and start spreading the word. Then discovering that there are all kinds of people out there who can help with the things I know nothing about – like accounting!

Q. When did you start using Empire Accountants and what difference have you noticed since working together?

A. The very first thing I did when I started seriously thinking about my own business as an option was go see Luke. Accounts, tax, book-keeping – it’s all complete Greek to me, Luke set me up in a sensible structure and essentially told me what I had to do at each step. Even when my eyes are glazing over as he tries to explain tax to me, he is amazingly patient and endlessly encouraging. He even suggested I apply for a grant, which I got! And the project that led to was great also – it made me see I could expand the business – something I never thought possible.

Q. If you were to recommend The Empire to a friend, what would you say?

A. “You have to use these guys! I’m sure they do all the normal accounting things accountants do, but they’re also personable, funny and great to work with. They set me on the right track and I know they’re in my corner, supporting me.”

Q. Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a business in Brisbane?

A. There are heaps of small businesses out there who are looking to help other small businesses – accounting, marketing, social media presence, project management 😉. Whatever you might not be strong at, there will be someone who is and who can help you make your mark. Don’t go it alone – get help where you need it.

Looking at Setting Up Shop in Brisbane in the new financial year?

Contact Karyn today to book your consult: 0424 113 116

Also while you’re here, visit the website to learn more about how a project manager can help you set up shop: www.settingupshop.com.au

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