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5 Helpful tips to growing your Gold Coast business in 2017

Posted 12 Apr '17

‘It’s nearly end of the financial year again and I’m not where I said I wanted to be’…

Does this sound familiar?

It’s easy to say we want to reach a certain goal or hit a certain target in our business, it’s another thing to plan it, implement it and stay accountable. Staying where it’s comfortable doing the same things you were doing yesterday, day in and day out in your business is the exact method to stay in the same place.

And this is fine if you are happy where you are, but if you want to grow your business and you have a heap of goals to achieve then here are 5 helpful tips to growing your Gold Coast business in 2017.

1. Know where you are going

Before you can begin to plan how to grow your Gold Coast business, you need to first know where you are going! What we mean by that, is figuring out what a successful business looks like to you. Is it more free time? Is it a certain turnover? Is it employing 30 staff – there is no right or wrong answer to success, it is all about what YOU want.

2. Have a map of how to get there and set yourself due dates!

When you have a vision or a dream of what your Empire should look like, you will need a map on how to get there. If you don’t plan or set yourself dates to have tasks completed by, your vision will always remain a vision and not your reality. Just as you plan your day, plan the steps to achieving what you want for your business.

3. Utilise your online profile

It’s 2017 and if you don’t have an easy to navigate website or active online presence by now, you are missing out on so many opportunities and new business. Making sure that your potential customers can find you online should be a part of your marketing strategy to ensure you are reaching all potential customers that are looking for your business!

4. Expand your network

You may be a little lost when it comes to expanding your network or making new alliances, not knowing who you can trust and who you can work well with. The very first step to building your network is to just give it a shot! You may attend 2 or 3 less than average networking groups until you find a great one that has potential alliances fit for your business.

If networking groups aren’t for you, you may even have to do some of your own research, cold calling or connecting on Linkedin to meet some potential alliances, whatever way suits, just start the process.

5. Get help from trusted advisors

If one thing is for sure in small business, you need to be able to work with people you can trust. Advisors that will help you, listen to you and deliver what they promise. Whether it is your website guy, insurance broker or tax accountant, don’t settle for average advisors, work with people who are passionate about working with you!

If you want to begin building your business and kicking off the new financial year with a solid plan for growth in place, give Empire Accountants Gold Coast office a call, we are here to help you! 07 5630 6585

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