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Practical solutions in managing stress in your small business

Does stress impact your small business? Small business life can be known to be quite stressful. 

What’s Up 2019 | Empire Accountants

Happy New Year! Said everyone three weeks ago… Whoops, I think we missed it. January has already been a whirlwind here at Empire Accountants, however we’ve got a hold of it with both hands now and we’re ready to take on 2019, full steam ahead. The motto of our office this month is ‘how can […]

Small Business Life Lessons with Empire Accountants

Did you know, there are more than 426, 000 small businesses operating in Queensland? In fact, we’re the core of every industry, make up 97% of businesses statewide and employ 44% of private sector workers. When you look at the stats it’s easy to see how important small businesses are to Queensland. Yet owning and […]

Thoughtful Christmas Parties for your Employees that don’t break the bank

Christmas is the time of year where cash flow may be tight for small business, whether you have 3 or 30 staff members and you are trying to show them your appreciation for their work over the year but can’t afford an all-night rager how about considering some options below… An in office cheese and […]

5 Things we learnt in Business in 2015

2015, where did that one go? It’s been a whirlwind of a year over here at Empire HQ but we wouldn’t want it any other way! This time last year, Empire, was simply an idea and it’s pretty exciting what we have managed to accomplish in only 12 months. It’s no secret that a year […]

Reasons Why You Can Count On Us

Accountants aren’t usually considered the most colourful of folk. The wallflower of the finance world, it’s easy to think we’re all number crunchers and spreadsheet lovers who let their hair down but once a year, sometime past June; who spend too much time face-to-face with your money and your paper work and not enough face-to-face […]