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Posted 14 Jan '16

New Year, new you! Or something like that… January has nearly been and gone so it’s time to put down the donuts, set an earlier bed time and brush the dust off your business plan.

We all know the cliché New Year’s resolutions all too well. We set them every year yet someway somehow the goals that we seem so passionate about on Jan 1 (or 2nd depending on the NYE hangover) get stowed away in a draw, probably with the business plan and not much really changes.

Well we are here to help you get THAT excited about your New Year’s Business Plans that you stay on track and make the changes in your business to kick it up a gear.

4 Tips to stick to your New Year’s Business Resolutions

  1. Get Specific

You can’t just write down ‘grow my business’… it’s like writing down ‘get fit’. It’s not motivating. You need to get specific – so specific that you can see the vision taking place and what it feels like when you get there.

What does your ideal business look like? How many staff do you have? Are you working in the business or paying someone to do it for you? What impact are your products/services having on your client’s lives? What does this mean for your life?

Make your goals a living breathing thing – not just some scribble on a piece of paper.

  1. Get Inspired

So you’ve got your super specific detailed business vision engrained in your mind. How do you get there? Just like with your New Year vision don’t create a boring word doc plan with weekly tasks that make you want to poke your eyes out rather than complete.

Create something that excites you and is interactive, perhaps give yourself rewards every time you complete a task off your plan. Remind yourself of your goals every day. This will remind you why you’re working so hard, when you may be slugging away at creating a mail out list or cleaning your shop floors at 8pm.

  1. Get Consistent

When we go to the gym 3 days in a row and then eat burgers for the rest of the week we can’t expect to see change. The same goes with business. Punch out two awesome blogs over two weeks and then publish nothing online for two months – we can’t expect to see much of a change online. Having saying that it’s nothing to beat yourself up about. As small business owners you’re running it all and a lot of the time with little help.

This is why you need your vision, you need your plan and you need to figure out how to make yourself remain on track. Everyone is different. You may need someone to keep you accountable, you may need a calendar that has your every move scheduled – whatever keeps you motivated and on track figure it out and stick to it.

  1. Get Grateful

What is the point in putting in the hard yards if you don’t reflect and appreciate yourself for what you have achieved? Not only when you have a win, but your losses too. Mistakes do happen and there may be hard months in business but if you get grateful, you can see what can be improved to keep you on track.

Good luck for all your 2016 endeavours!

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