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Packaging your services: Why you should get specific on what you are selling

Posted 8 Feb '17

More and more service based businesses are turning their services into package deals to communicate their core difference and value to their potential customers.

By packaging your services clearly and concisely you can effectively achieve 5 key thangs:

1. Increase your income

Many business owners are moving away from charging hourly for their services and charging a set fee or fixed price for a certain service and its inclusions. By charging hourly you cap your income, whereas a packaged service can be priced on the value it provides to the client rather than being dictated by the time it takes one to complete it.

2. Create an experience that’s easier to sell

Creating a package for your services is attractive to potential buyers. Selling a “complete lawn care” package as opposed to “mowing services” is more attractive to potential customers and offers an experience. Again it provides for a value or outcome rather than simply a service.

3. Offer more value to your clients

Allows potential customers to transparently see the added value that your service offers compared to others in your industry. It gives your business a competitive advantage and sets you apart from the rest as only you can offer your service the way that you do.

4. Have a streamlined process for each service

It helps you determine what your process is for each service and test what works best when delivering it to your clients. By knowing this you can then improve and add more value to your services over time which can also improve your pricing point and margins.

5. Turn your service into a tangible product

Packaging your services helps turn them into a tangible product for your clients. This provides clarity in that they know exactly what they will get for their money and how they will benefit from it.

The only challenge you are left with is ensuring you deliver what you promise!!

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