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The Empire VS ATO – why we’re way better than myTax

Posted 14 Jun '18

Now the ATO may be claiming that their online lodgement program myTax is the best thing they’ve discovered since fire. But I’m here to set the record straight! Needless to say, the ATO’s primary function is to collect tax; not to help you save yours. So is it any wonder that they promote their own system where you could be missing out on hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in deductions.

So before the 2018 tax season kicks off, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of the personal tax preparation services we offer and the advantages of us preparing and lodging your tax return.

1. Our job is to help you get your tax right, paying no more than you are legally obliged to pay. As qualified accountants, we are known for our professional integrity, principled judgment, financial discipline and forward thinking approach to help you prosper.

2. We will carefully consider your entitlement to the many kinds of possible tax deductions and offsets without you needing to do your own research and then calculate your claim accurately based on the information you provide.

3. Benefit from our knowledge and experience. As professional tax agents, we prepare tax returns all the time and keep up to date with changes in the tax laws and ATO requirements. Our streamlined tax return preparation systems will get your tax records organised and help you save time.

4. A return lodged through us does not have to be lodged by the standard 31 October deadline. The extra time to prepare your tax return and pay any tax can be handy. We can also lodge this sooner if your position is a refund!

5. The cost of our fees are tax deductible!

6. Tax can be complicated even when you think your affairs are simple.

7. We deal with the ATO on your behalf. That means we contact the ATO for you for any assistance needed, answering ATO inquiries and responding on your behalf.

i. In some cases where mistakes are made, using a tax agent provides a ‘safe harbor’ protection from ATO administrative penalties. You can also take up audit insurance through us to safeguard against potential ATO audits.

ii. If you receive scam phone calls purporting to be from the ATO, simply ask the caller to talk to us and hang-up. Similarly, emails or letters which look like they come from the ATO should be referred to us (never open an attachment to an email unless you are absolutely confident it is from a trusted source).

8. Tax time is a good opportunity to discuss your personal financial goals and tax planning opportunities for the future.

So whether you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, call us on 07 3124 0244 today.


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