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Why Discounting is a Dirty Word

Posted 15 Aug '17

When planning your next business promotion or sales tactic, discounting may be an easy campaign to implement. It doesn’t take much thought, offers your client perceived value and may allow you to drum up some new business quickly if you are in a slum.

While discounting is commonplace, it actually isn’t really doing your business any favours. Here’s why:

Reasons why discounting is a dirty word

Shows lack of confidence

Offering a discount on your product/service can show your potential client that you do not believe in your product/service enough to sell it at a standard price. When you’ve put the hard yards in to create something and believe in it’s value then you should focus on communicating this to your prospect.

Devalues your product/service

Similar to having lack of confidence in your product/service, discounting can devalue it. Most people value something based on its price. When you think of retail brands, the hospitality industry or even airlines, lower prices, or the discounted prices are often associated with the no-frills options and if you are still offering a service that takes expertise, time and effort, discounting your prices will lower its perceived value.

Creates expectations for your clients

Discount once, you will have to discount again! Once you start discounting your prices your clients will not want to pay full price for your products/services, or hold off until you have another ‘special’. Don’t set the expectation that your hard work should be discounted.

Less profit for your work

Small business owners spend the majority of their time living and breathing their business. When you spend the majority of your time in your business working hard or paying people to do the work for you, why lower the profit you should be making on your particular product/service.

What can you do instead of discounting your products/services?

Add VALUE instead of discounting. You can create a promotion for your products/services by simply asking yourself and your team a few questions to determine the value you can offer. For example:

Who are your target market for your particular product/service?
What can you do that is relevant to your target market that could increase the value and make it more appealing to purchase?
What will make it stand out from competitors?
What can you offer that no-body else is?
What is the need for your product/service in the market place?

When you answer these questions you can begin to add the right value for your products/services and create a promotion around them accordingly.

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