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XERO Accounting Solutions in Brisbane

Posted 4 Jun '15

Xero – Those four little letters get this little Accountant rather excited over here at The Empire…

Xero has changed the way we do business and it is changing the way our clients do business – for the better. It is really exciting that this little accounting software from NZ has such a significant and exciting impact on a traditionally mediocre industry.

Speaking of exciting stuff, I was extremely excited this morning when I saw Xero have released their Business Performance Dashboard (check it out here https://vimeo.com/111510948) – this is the kind of new product release that shows Xero really gets business.

Working with business owners, we have found there are 3 scenarios in play in the market:-

#1 – Those already using Xero – high fives all round – go check out the Business Performance thing! It will blow your mind!

#2 – Those who want to use Xero but really don’t know how to make it happen – keep reading!

#3 – Those who have just said, “Huh…Zero…I can’t find anything about that software online” – stop whatever you are doing and call me immediately!

 It’s time to make the change…

We completely understand changing accounting software or the system you use to manage your finances may seem like a daunting subject. It is. We get that it can easily be popped in the ‘too hard basket’ or dropped to the bottom of the in tray. If that is what is currently stopping your switch to Xero, you don’t have to go at it alone.

Over the past 12 months, we have tried and tested Xero conversions and have worked out the best way to get clients up and running seamlessly and as quickly as possible. We help you every step of the way and once you are logging into your Xero file for the first time – I promise you – you will never look back!

That’s enough spruiking for one day…

So I have hopped back down from my Xero high horse and will finish by saying. Xero is simply a tool that gathers information and reports on that information. The power really comes back to you as the Business Owner and us as the Accountants to work together in using that information to create the business that you desire.

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