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Happy New Year!

Said everyone three weeks ago… Whoops, I think we missed it.

January has already been a whirlwind here at Empire Accountants, however we’ve got a hold of it with both hands now and we’re ready to take on 2019, full steam ahead.

The motto of our office this month is ‘how can we be better and do better than last year’.

We value always working towards being the best version of ourselves, not only for personal benefits but so that we can fulfil our goals of offering our clients the best service we can provide.

So, with that being said, we thought we’d kick of the new year with a little inspiration for our clients, readers and fellow business owners to do the same by asking yourself 3 questions…

3 Questions to ask yourself to kick off the New Year

1. What is one thing you will START doing*
2. What is one thing you will STOP doing*
3. What is one thing you will KEEP doing – constantly and consistently*

The answers can be work related or personal as you wish, however, the ultimate goal is always focused on working towards being the best version of you!

Write them up and keep them as a constant reminder to achieving your goals in 2019.

To assist you further, here’s two ancillary questions when considering your answers:

1. Why are these 3 things important? Why will these 3 things enable you to achieve your goals, to live into your potential and add real value? How will these 3 things help you become the person (and/or business owner) you wish to be?*

2. What might stop you from doing these three things, constantly and consistently and how will you circumvent these blocks?*

By starting the year on a positive, proactive note you give yourself and your business the opportunity to continually grow and thrive.

If your business isn’t preforming to its full potential and you’re looking for a change in 2019, please call Empire Accountants today 07 3124 0244 and let’s start building your empire together.

*Questions courtesy of the lovely Judy Reynolds @ Opening Gates

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