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Some say Xero is revolutionising the accounting industry, others say it’s just beautiful; what do we think over here at Empire Accountants? Both of these things are 100% spot on!
It is true that this product has changed the way we do business and if you get us started on how, we’ll probably bore you to sleep but more importantly the reason we love it so much is because it has made life so much easier for business owners to have control over their numbers!

Here are our Top 3 reasons why we think Xero is the best for business

  1. Collaborate in the cloud

Xero allows for the ability to share your data live within your business and with your advisors. This means you can give limited access to your receptionist to enter in expense claims or purchases through to full access to your Accountant to be able to provide instant support and advice.

  1. Reconcile from anywhere

Xero receives your bank statements automatically via a secure connection.  This automation saves significant time in data entry and processing.  A quick rec of the bank account and you gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business.

  1. Painless payroll

This is not a fallacy, payroll is easy in Xero.  The payroll function integrates seamlessly into the accounting solution and enables for scheduled payruns, integrating timesheeting, automatic tax updates and automated superannuation payments. You can also give Employees portal access to enable them to enter timesheets, enter leave and update personal details.

If this has tickled your fancy and you are keen to jump on the Xero Train – call us today (3117 3736) to book in a free demo and consultation on how you can get on board.  Toot Toot!

Until next time, Beth.

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